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Taxation Interview Questions
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what is the incometax

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What do u mean by sales tax and who are sales tax practitioner ?


what is meaning of secondary & higher education cess.


Central purchase is eligible for issuance of H form. Whetther H form can be issued against local purcahse also? What I came to know is : earlier H form can be issued against central purchase only, but after intoduction of VAT, department issued notification regarding issuance of H form against LOCAL PURCHASE also. Is it true? If true then please tell me about notification/ circular/ relevant section or law. Please look into the matter. Thanx n Regards


what is TDS

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what is the use of 2a,2b & 2c form in cst


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Our company refundable ST amount but we dont want to refund amt but i want to adjust that refund amount anywhere


what is the ct-1 sale? if ct-1 bond is misplaced what is the procedure for applying for new bond.

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For the assessment year 2011-12, ie., FY 2010-11, is there cess on TDS for Professional fees ?

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how to calculate tds on salary.if the 500 employee work in my how calculate tds for each employee.

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how to reconccile account payable & account receivable.please provide best solution with example

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What is turnover limit for Auditing of Service Tax, VAT, Income Tax, Provident Fund, P. Tax and WCT? Please mail me at gautam_ch2 @ or call me at 09831707812.


What is US Tax Accounts? Can I get any information where from I take full knowledge about US Taxation?

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Pls can you write briefly about procedure of Auditing of VAT, Service Tax and Central Excise?



Pls give a details knowledge of Income Tax (including TDS, TCS)duty paid online form no., due date, return form no. and due date, limit of turnover for auditing, procedure of auditing and income tax depreciation, etc.


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How to calculate long term capital gain


if i paid interest on tds for ex:- tds deducted on rent for the month of april, may, june rs. 20000 each for month and tds paid on 7th july then i have to pay interest @ 1.5% for rs. 1200 , 900 , 600 respectively , so i wanted to know what is the entry for rising of this interest in accounting software other than tally


hi which form issue again ogs purches & sales ? which is the tax rat we issue c form?it's cst3% is avelabe to issue the c-form?


procedure to get Raw Material free of excise duty under Central Excise Act,


What is Cenvat


which purchases is profitable for us a building material purchases from direct of contactor ?


What is Form-I, FORM-F, FORM-H, FORM-E and FORM-C?


what do you mean by cenvat? and in which is liable?


what is the prime cost? and factory cost how to calculate it?


How treat TDS & TCS in manual or Tally 9 softwere ?


How do I get a C form with the bank Guarantee?


What are the treatment & implications if party doesn't provide C Form in interstate sales transactions & also same if provide C Form.


If a nri buys property in india, does he has to pay property tax?


accounting taxation


Our Company dedduct TDS on the collection charge and claim (rate diff claim, scheme claim, collection charge means , if any party take material directly form our store our company give them frieght charge and deduct tds@10.30%). my question in what category of this type of TDS decution ? is it payment to contractor or what ?