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what are taxes imposed in mumbai if goods comes from
vijayawada to mumbai

what are taxes imposed in mumbai if goods co..

Answer / krishna reddy

Only the Entry tax is liabale at Mumubai.

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a x company deduct tds against our bills so how i entry this type of transaction in talyy 9.0 ?

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One c form issued by the ETO was found misplaced.Kindly advise the procedure for reissuing .

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can anybody tell me what is the last date of Service tax payment (Quarterly/Monthly) in Company or other then company (individual/propritorship/partnership) & what is the last date of half year return.

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When and how Wct is applicable on Labour Job Work and what is the percentage?

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what is cess?

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what is VAT?

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Till the Discounted bill is paid by acceptor it remains. 1) A contigent liabilities for the acceptor. 2) A contigent Liabilities for the Drawer. 3) A contigent Liabilities for the bank 4) A contigent Liabilites for drawer

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what is Form "C"

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