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Software Interview Questions
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Write a C++ Program to find Square Root of a number using sqrt() function.

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Write a C++ Program to Find whether given Number is Odd or Even.

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Write a C++ Program to Reverse a Number using while loop.

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Write a program to input an integer from the keyboard and display on the screen “WELL DONE” that many times.

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Write a C++ Program to Find Sum and Average of n numbers using for loop.

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Identify the error in the following program. include using namespace std; void main() { int num[]={1,2,3,4,5,6}; num[1]==[1]num ? cout<<"Success" : cout<<"Error"; }

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Identify the errors in the following program. #include using namespace std; void main() { int i=5; while(i) { switch(i) { default: case 4: case 5: break; case 1: continue; case 2: case 3: break; } i-; } }

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Write a C++ Program to Multiply two Numbers

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Write a C++ Program to Generate Random Numbers between 0 and 100

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What is MEAN in javascript

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What is Minification

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What is an enum

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How do you extend classes Code snippet: const circle = { radius: 20, diameter() { return this.radius * 2; }, perimeter: () => 2 * Math.PI * this.radius };

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Can you write a random integers function to print integers with in a range?

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What is the output of below code var car = new Vehicle("Honda", "white", "2010", "UK"); console.log(car); function Vehicle(model, color, year, country) { this.model = model; this.color = color; this.year = year; = country; }

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