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Honeywell Instrumentation Interview Questions
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Basically iam Instruemntation Engineer, but Iam interested in Instruments design engineering, so plz guide, is there any course, training or Softwres to become Instrument design engineer??.


What is the Differance between Graphics And SCADA Graphics? SCADA Graphics have less access?

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Which topics are covered in Process Control?


can anybody tel me how a vfd or any field instrument communicates/interface with plc/scada/cs.


difference between plc and dcs?

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what is mean by hot loop and cold loop testing, whts different between both

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What is the difference between PLC and DCS?

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Why even multiple power supplu r used in instrumentation system?

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how to calibrate corollaries (Mass flow meter)?


I have a steam flow DP transmitter that has output swinging. Steam valve is in manual.I have good steam pressure. The impulse lines have steam tracing on them. The steam tracing has a hole in it that is blowing raw steam on the high side impulse line only. Could this be causing the swinging?

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what is cascade loop and how it work and why it used instead of PID single loop? In cascade, Which loop is faster and slower? Please explain with loop drawing and example...

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how to calibrate mass flow meter (Coriolis)? Example calibration range: 0 to 2500 kg/hr line size 3" fluid: Etheline glycol (MEG)


define feed forward control loop with example and drawing?


What is linearity of RTD over 0 to 200 degC?

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It is desired to reduce effect of 50Hz pick up in a thermocouple measurement. If a third order LP filter is used for this, what should be its cut off frequency, if gain should be 0.001 at 50Hz.

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Honeywell Instrumentation Interview Questions

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