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Honeywell Instrumentation Interview Questions
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What is sensitivity of K type thermocouple? Is polarity important in thermocouple connections?

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How can one improve linearity of an RTD based temperature measurement system?

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What is cold junction compensation in thermocouples? How is it achieved?

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How does one detrmine the direction of movement of core in an LVDT?

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What is an instrumentation amplifier? How is it better than a differential amplifier when handling outputs from a wheatstone's bridge?

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How do Foundation Fieldbus works? how the Communication Carries out from Foundation field bus,Field Devices and Controller? Were it's Application in the Field? For Which Signals this is Used? PLease Find this answer for this Question Detaile wise because i want to clear the Concept Regarding Foundation Field Bus,if Possible please attach the link of Document with Contails Diagramatic So that more esier for me.

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what is the function of a zener diode ?

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If the on Of the DO module is off in the System cabinet, then what is the Procedure to check weather the Module is working or not.

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What types of Instrumentation Related Questions can an Interviewer ask in a Telephonic Interview ?


What are the different modes of a contollogix family processor? How they work?

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Hot calibrate a level transmitter (wet & dry legs)?

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What is SCADA ? WHAT is it role in DCS ?

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Please explain for RS 485 & RS 232 communication

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why we use only 4-20 ma signal as AI and not 0-20 ma?

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difference between accuracy and precision

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Honeywell Instrumentation Interview Questions

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