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Honeywell Interview Questions
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How to write Multithreaded applications using C++?

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P?s father is Q?s son. M is the paternal uncle of P and N is the brother of Q. How is N related to M ? (1) Brother (2) Nephew (3) Cousin (4) Data inadequate (5) None of these

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why the students are lag for answering this type of questions?

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IF 3+4=25 AND 4+5=41 Then 5+6=?

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6. A lady has fine gloves and hats in her closet- 18 blue- 32 red and 25 yellow. The lights are out and it is totally dark inspite of the darkness. She can make out the difference between a hat and a glove. She takes out an item out of the closet only if she is sure that if it is a glove. How many gloves must she take out to make sure she has a pair of each colour? a) 50 b) 8 c) 60 d) 42

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Honeywell Interview Questions

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