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Honeywell C Interview Questions
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what is a function pointer and how all to declare ,define and implement it ???

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What is the difference between char a[] = "string"; and char *p = "string"; ?

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N O S I E R + A S T R A L ---------------- 7 2 5 6 1 3

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what is volatile in c language?

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can i know the source code for reversing a linked list with out using a temporary variable?

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how to exchnage bits in a byte b7<-->b0 b6<-->b1 b5<-->b2 b4<-->b3 please mail me the code if any one know to

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Write a C function to search a number in the given list of numbers. donot use printf and scanf

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what is out put of the following code? #include class Base { Base() { cout<<"constructor base"; } ~Base() { cout<<"destructor base"; } } class Derived:public Base { Derived() { cout<<"constructor derived"; } ~Derived() { cout<<"destructor derived"; } } void main() { Base *var=new Derived(); delete var; }

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Find string palindrome 10marks

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int far *near * p; means


What ios diff. Between %e & %f?

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Hi, main() { } Is a user defined function or Built in Functionn

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how we can say java is platform independent, while we require JVM for that particular Operating System?

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In which layer of the network datastructure format change is done


How to find a missed value, if you want to store 100 values in a 99 sized array?


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Honeywell C Interview Questions

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