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Honeywell Core Java Interview Questions
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int a=10,b=20,c=30 a= b+c;b=a+c;c=a+b; System.out.println("The value is"+a+b+c;

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int a=1; float b=1.0; System.out.println(a==b);

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which method is used to know the status of the Thread?

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Hi Friends.. can any one provide the real time example for methodoverloading and methodoverriding .........

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Which is not Object in Java?

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I have one Shopping cart application, i that i have selected some items, while clicking submit button by mistake i have clicked twice or trice, that time items are selected twice or trice. Actually i want only one copy of items but its selected twice or trice. So how can we avoid this problem?

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Write a program to search a number in the given list of numbers.


Write a function for palindrome and factorial and explain?


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Honeywell Core Java Interview Questions

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