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Honeywell Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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What are the tests to be taken on a transformer and generator?

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what is a function pointer and how all to declare ,define and implement it ???

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What are the different types of 2 tier and 3 tier architecture ?

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Write any small program that will compile in "C" but not in "C++"

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What Does DBWR do?

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What is the difference between char a[] = "string"; and char *p = "string"; ?

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What is the requirement in MIMD ?

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What is the difference U have seen from a Dos environment to windows environment?

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what do U mean by event driven ?

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How do WinMain look like ?


How the messages are processed in Windows ?

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What are parameters needed to distinguish an event ?


Why networks are layered ?

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How many layers are there in OSI ?

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Honeywell Interview Questions

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