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Genpact Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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tell me about roll model as father


define p&l approprate

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What is accounts recevable & acct. payble? How they are efect in real life accounts of the company?

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what is contingent asset

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what is the difference between debit card and credit card

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What is Accrual (Mercantile Vs Cash System of Accounting)

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What is Electronic clearances?

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what is BRS

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what is the difference between amotization and depreciations????

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what is the diffrance between fund flow statement and cash flow statement.

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how will you create the posting periods 3 and 5 or 5and 7?

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Rent Paid Rs.12000/- (which is included for the whole year i.e Jan to Dec) and they have asked me to give Journal Entry for the Entry for the Month of Jan, Feb and March

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New emlpoyee was joined on 15th Jan and salary paid on 28th Feb amt of Rs.20000/- and asked to give the Journal entry for the Month of Jan, Fed and March (His Monthly Salary is Rs.8000/-)

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Machinery Rate is 12000/- and residual value is 2000/- and life span is 10yrs.Calculate the dep in Straight line method.

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Credit Paurchases

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Genpact Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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