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Genpact Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what are the different kinds of cash books


Distinguish capital and revenue expenditure


What is the journal entry for credit purchases.

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What are the errors and the types of errors?

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i want the difference p&l a/c and Income and expediture statement


retained earnings will change over time due to what factors, retained earnings will increase.

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what is debentures, types of debentures

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Proposed Divided is not shown as current liabilities

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GAP Stand for

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what is GL Balance


when the creditors shows debit balance

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if you reconsilation is doing at end of the month 31 march. you have question for one amount on 30th march which is the banker said that we do not know about the 30th march entry, the amount deposit and expenses. please come after one week. but u need to complete reconcilation end of march. so, what will you do know?

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What is chart of accounts

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can we get all interview questions with answers in tally 9 which mostly asked in MNC's.

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What is entry in TALLY for newly bank A/c open for company at starting of business?

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Genpact Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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