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DRDO Interview Questions
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What is the minimum load that you can keep in a 3 Phase 40 KVA Diesel Generator? Is it neccessary to load all the 3 phases? Can a phase be left without load?

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The shear modulus of most materials with respect to modulus of elasticity is less than half why?

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how many octane number in indian rifinery

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what is least count of vernier caliper

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What is "Aging effect" in B.J.T. ? please mail the answer at my ID, which is-

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in a sn SR latch made by using cross coupling of two nand gates, if both S andR inputs set o then it will result

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What is the difference between voltage and emf ?

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What is complex power?

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introduce your self

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What will be the output of an alternator ,if the field current is single phase ac supply.

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Hello, I am PRAVEEN, working with start-up company as design, I don have any sap experience. but I wanted to join mm course in atos. Is it good change domain?


HOW what is the procedure for using m 50 concrete in columns & M 30 concrete in beams & slabs .


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