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DRDO Interview Questions
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Who among the following is the Chairman of Planning Commission in India ? (a) Finance Minister of India (b) Prime Minister of India (c) President of India (d) Home Minister of India

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About 50% of the world population is concentrated between the latitudes of (a) 5 N and 20 N (b) 20 N and 40 N (c) 40 N and 60 N (d) 20 S and 40 S

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State funding of elections takes place in (a) USA and Canada (b) Britain and Switzerland (c) France and Italy (d) Germany and Austria

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hi, how can model questions of DRDO,NTPC,HAL,BHEL exam for engineering level exam.If you know please send me.

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What is the cause of major loss in efficiency of an IC engine?

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whitc material has high tensile strength

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What is the maximum range of a general Radar

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What are the average number of comparisons required to sort 3 elements?

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twist drill angle

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why we use the fuse

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what is the fitter

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can u give me model question papers for exam preparation .


DRDO entrace exam questions for ceptam please forward for this mail.pls immediately


sample question for drdr technical assistant


A separately excited dc motor having 2 ohm armature resistsance draws a current of 10A and torque developed is 20 Nm under rated field condtion. the speed of the motor under the rated field condtion , when it is connected to a 100V DC source and delivering 10Nm torque....

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