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DRDO C Interview Questions
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what is a far pointer

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What are the average number of comparisons required to sort 3 elements?

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how write a addtion of two single dimensional array using of pointer in c language?

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Un-Answered Questions

Safety of dry type transformer


what is sales life cycle???


What is the purpose of business communication?


what are the differences between algae and fungi?


can u please explain what is the exact difference between qtp8.2 and 9.0


Dear sir, I wish to establish a communication tower of any mobile company on a land area of 10000 sq feet in Sec-11 Indira Nagar, near Munshi Pulia, Lucknow. Please contact Usha Arora or Shalini Arora on 09889732922.


what is Plant Hybridization?


IN MY APPLICATION SOME WINDOW IS THERE IT CONSISTS OF SOME 25 LABLES IN THOSE FOR THE ALREADY SELECTED ONE IT WILL SHOW THE BACKGROUND COLOR IS YELLOW WHILE CHECKING IT SHOULD CHECK THE ALL LABLES WHICH ONE IS HAVING YELLOW COLOUR backcolor=SwfWindow("ALTAIR").SwfWindow("Load Wafer").SwfLabel(" ").GetROProperty("backcolor") SUPPOSE LIKE DS IT WILL BE THERE THEN FOR THAT SwfLabel(" ") inside this how to specify is my doubt because i have to check all the 25 labels plz explain it how to specify that


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How to file the CST return and which form is use.


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Can you create a tabletype of recordset in Jet connected ODBC dbengine.


how to file returne?


DRDO C Interview Questions
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