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DRDO General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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?Trishul? is a: (a) short range surface-to-air missile (b) surface-to-surface tactical battle field missile (c) medium range surface-to-air missile (d) marine acoustic research ship

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The retirement age of the Chief Justice of India is (1) 60 years (2) 62 years (3) 68 years (4) 58 years

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Nutritional density is derived from (1) Total population divided by total Geographical area (2) Total population divided by total cultivated land (3) Total Agricultural population divided by total cultivated area (4) Human carrying capacity of an area in relation to a given land-use system

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Which country is not a membr of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)? 1 Myanmar 2 Sri Lanka 3 Bhutan 4 Maldives

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who suggested to implement English medium in india

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