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DRDO Interview Questions
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whitc material has high tensile strength

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What happens if a three phase induction motor is suddenly single-phased while running? Which type of winding connection will be affected?

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I need about Exam pattern,sylabus,negative and cutoff marks of NIC (National Informatic Center)

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I'would like to know the type of questios asked for STA (senior technical assistant)interview in DRDO.whats the nature of the interview? whether theres HR and Technical interview?

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campared to ac, in dc corona loss is

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What is the maximum range of a general Radar

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Hi this is aparna.............can any one send drdo question papers on my email Thanks in advance

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On what thermodynamic cycle nuclear power plant works?

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Name fuels used in nuclear power plant?

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If I want to set a power plant in desert of ‘Rajasthan’ and I have option of steam and gas power plant. Which plant I should set up?

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You have to design a machine component. For what type of failure (ductile or brittle) you will design?

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On what property u can distinguish material as brittle or ductile?

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Whether ductile material can fail in brittle manner? WHEN?

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what is the dwdm

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what do you mean by junk yard,neo,meo,leo in satellite communications


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