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Descon Interview Questions
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What is referential integrity? What are the advantages of it?

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Why did you choose HR as your career?

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which acid present in soda water?

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What is the loop calibration? Which instrument used to loop calibration and how?

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all types instrumentation questions want


Transformer TTR test procedure

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Whether ductile material can fail in brittle manner? WHEN?

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I want to know if it is possible to use Variable Frequency Drive to reduce the current required for starting a motor?

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rcc concrete grade uses

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How wire size can define in electrical wiring? What is the ratio?


Difference between isometric & trimetric view?

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How to isolate a DPT from line in the condition that process must not be disturbed,and process is also critical and no bypass is available.?

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how we will install a positioner ?

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what is difference b/w tube and pipe ?

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load combinations how many types for staad design purpose?


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What is the procedure of submit bank guarantees and cancellation.


What is SAP exit?


Can any body can give me the example for business scenarios in industry specific solution you work with for sap sd interview bez I just finished the training.


What are Workflow concepts and perspectives?


What is your biggest regret?


what is the difference between cardinality and Nullability?


what is plunger and what's the use of it in motor alignment?


what will be the min curvature ratio for Round Bar dia. 1” size in material grade AISI 4330, Yield strength 115KSI Tensile 140KSI?


if we have 320KVA Genset kindly advice how much load we can put it.


how can i write a program in c of SPARCE MATRIX(data structure)?


How do we Test the C++ and Unix Application Using Automated Tool.


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How to perform mass change to the service contract?


What is the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?


What is normal radiation field out side the reactor building?


Descon Interview Questions
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