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Crea Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is way of writing testcases for database testing?

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What we normally check for in the Database Testing

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What SQL statements have you used in Database Testing?

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Explain Automation Vs Manual Testing?

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Explain The test development life cycle?

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1. Define the following along with examples a. Boundary Value testing b. Equivalence testing c. Error Guessing d. Desk checking e. Control Flow analysis

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You find that there is a senior tester who is making more mistakes than the junior testers. You need to communicate this aspect to the senior tester. Also, you don’t want to loose this tester. How should one go about the constructive criticism?

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Your manager has taken you onboard as a test lead for testing a web-based application. He wants to know what risks you would include in the Test plan. Explain each risk factor that would be a part of your test plan

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What is parallel testing and when do we use parallel testing? Explain with example?

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What is the difference between testing Techniques and tools? Give examples

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Explain about Loop Testing methodology?

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When we use Comparison Testing ?

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what is major challenges in Real time system testing? Explain the way of Testing for Real-Time Systems.

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some major negative test cases to break the sign up page having username password, email, url address field and some check box selection options ?

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What makes a good QA or Test Manager?

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