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Crea Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Explain Boudary value testing and equivalence testing ?

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How Defect prevention can be accomplished ?

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Main concepts in webpage Testing?

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Explain about Founctionality Testing in webbased application?

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Explain about Usability Testing in web based applications?

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Explain about 'Interface Testing' in Web based Application?

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Explain about "Compatibility Testing" in Web based Application?

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Explain about 'Performance testing' in Web based Application?

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Explain about Security Testing in webbased application?

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What's the role of documentation in QA?

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What steps are needed to develop and run software tests?

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What if the software is so buggy it can't really be tested at all?

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How is testing affected by object-oriented designs?

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What is CMMI leavels?

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what is Recovery testing?

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Crea Manual Testing Interview Questions
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