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Crea Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the role of QA in all the phases of SDLC?

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what is performance testing?

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what is the difference between Test strategy and test plan?

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How do we find Effectiveness of Test Cases ?

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what is advantages and disadvantages of the Waterfall Model and V-Model ?

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Diff b/w test case and test script?

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How to test the functional specification?

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How load testing is different from regression testing?

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what is meant by Priority and Severity?

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What is Defect Leakage?What Gap Analysis? What are the functioanl requirements to test the Software? What is Latency bug?

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There are 100 test cases. And you got a bug at 85th test case. You reported it to dev. and dev. fixed that bug. when you are doing regression testing from which test case u'll do testing?? will start from 85 th test case are u'll execute 100 test cases?

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How will you link the Defect to the Test case? Explain Bug life cycle ?

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Please give me any example of High severity and Low priority type of bug ?

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Give the example for high severity high priority high severity low priority low severity high priority low severity low priority ?

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What is the outcome of integration testing?

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Un-Answered Questions

If i am doing the automation of test suites in a project. Then what will be the system interfaces for that?? The tools I am using or something else... please help..!!


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In the creation of the material master if user maintains MRP Type as ‘VB’ (Manual reorder point planning) unless until user will not maintain the Reorder point Qty & fixed lot size Qty system will not allow creating the material which is right process. Hence the same rule should be applied for MRP Type ‘ND’ also. So that user cannot fill the MRP Data unless he will not choose ‘VB’


Crea Manual Testing Interview Questions
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