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Crea Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is data base testing, explain with example

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what is a broken link in web testing and how test it.

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How to explian the V model ?

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Mapping the test cases with the requirement. What is this process called?

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write the test cases on prime number with result?

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How to create Test Cases Based on Test Plan ? Is there any approach following for creation of test cases?

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What is the main diff. between Retesting and Regression Testing ?

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If there is no sufficent time for testing & u have to complete the testing then what will u do?

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What is Test Strategy and Test Plan..what is the Diff.between those?

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Explain a bug which if you have missed could have created a big problem?

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How to run the Data Base Testing Manually ?

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How do we decide that testcases covers all the requirements?

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How u prepare Test data in testing process???

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Explain Equivalence Partitioning ?

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Explain Boundary value analysis?

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Crea Manual Testing Interview Questions
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