wa is connection pooling? how do u create connection
pooling?wat is use connection pooling?

wa is connection pooling? how do u create connection pooling?wat is use connection pooling?..

Answer / rikin patel

What is connection pooling?
With servlets, opening a database connection is a major
bottleneck because we are creating and tearing down a new
connection for every page request and the time taken to
create connection will be more. Creating a connection pool
is an ideal approach for a complicated servlet. With a
connection pool, we can duplicate only the resources we
need to duplicate rather than the entire servlet. A
connection pool can also intelligently manage the size of
the pool and make sure each connection remains valid. A
number of connection pool packages are currently available.
Some like DbConnectionBroker are freely available from Java
Exchange Works by creating an object that dispenses
connections and connection Ids on request. The
ConnectionPool class maintains a Hastable, using Connection
objects as keys and Boolean values as stored values. The
Boolean value indicates whether a connection is in use or
not. A program calls getConnection() method of the
ConnectionPool for getting Connection object it can use; it
calls returnConnection() to give the connection back to the

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