What is your daily routine?

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / priya

well, I wake up at 7.30 am. After taking bath, I pray to
God then I prepare breakfast. After that I do house hold
works which keeps me busy till 1 pm. After taking my lunch
I check my emails, do internet surfing, apply to jobs. Then
I take my evening tea. I go for a walk. After returning
home I prepare dinner and go to bed. But, if I have an
interview scheduled for the day I prioritise my work
accordingly. That's it.

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / deepak bisht

i wake up early in the morning about 6:am. then i go for a morning walk and do some exercise which makes me fit.then i come to home and i make lemon tea for myself which gave me freshness for whole day. then i take bath and
take breakfast at 8:30am.after then i go to cyber cafe for internet surfing and check my mails.i spend 2 hours in cafe after then i come to home and give some help to mom for cooking and some other works.after that i take lunch and then take some bed rest about 2 hours then i wake up and go for evening walk.then come to home and take dinner  and go to bed..that's it.

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / augusteen

I wake up @ 7-00 O clock , brush my teeth,have a shower,
read news paper for some time and I Have Breakfast.
ThenI go to Office by cab @ 9 o clock,I reach Office @ 11 n
work there upto 2 then I have my lunch @2 o clock n I
relax for half an hourthen again I go to my Office there I
stay upto 7 o clock,
n then I returm home @ 9p.m after reaching home I watch T.V
for an hour after that I have dinner and go to Bed before
that I pray to GOD for the day.

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / ahmad husain

I wake up early in the morning at Fajir Azan and being fresh ,brushing teeth as my daily routine then i drunk 2 glass of water, i go for running and stretching exercise for 30 min
,i pray Namaz read Quraan Majeed after that i took bath,and i prepared breakfast and took breakfast,In all these work the time is being 8 o'clock then i prepare for college and i reach in the college at 9:30 after college i took lunch and take rest for one hour then i go for coaching of java or another subject.then i comeback at 7 o clock then i watch news for some time then i take dinner after all i do completing my work and studying upto 12 o'clock and i go to sleep thats all my daily routine

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / kratika varshney

Well,I wake up at 7:30 in the morning and get freshen up then i go to bath, after that i take my breakfast and go to classes for 3 hours returning from the classes i take rest for time at home and then take lunch after that take rest for an hour, in the evening i go for a walk in the park after spending about an hour in the park i come back at home and check mails, surfing net , apply for jobs. and then i take dinner and go to study for competitive exams for an hour after that i go to bed. thats all. Thank you.

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / nitin

i wake up at 6'00 clock and being fresh as my daily routine then pray to god for 1hr near about then take some breakfast a cup of tea and slices of bread with butter after that i sat down on my pc for checking my mails for any further interview calls if there is any interview call i go for it its near 2 to 3hr spent after coming back i took lunch and note the interview question and do some interview preparation for my next day calls so i never repeat the same mistake in interview its being evening spent then i got phone calls frm my friends and went outside with my friends then spent some time with my friends after coming back i took a dinner then some walk for digestion and go to sleep.

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / rukshar praveen

I wake up early in the morning at 6 clock. I take bath.I pray to god and prepared my breakfast.I busy with my house work and it keeps me busy till 8am.And I get ready for the office reached the office at 9, my shift is from morning at 9 am to 6pm. I return home at 7.I take some snacks and watch tv for while take dinner at 10pm I go to bed at 11:00 PM.

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / gaurav chauhan

Well, I get up at 6 o clock and after getting fresh, I go to for morning walk and do some relevant exercise . After coming back home, I have a shower then offer prayer to god and take breakfast. Afterthat , I take out my laptop and check out mails if I got a call to interview then I prepare my interview questions and shut my laptop. In the afternoon, I take a nab and after getting up I take my books to study and take a walk with friends in the evening. In this way I spend my whole day

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / anjali raj

i wake early in the morning at 7:30 am. i brush and i do exercise for 15-30 min and drink 2 glass water for good health. after that i bath and pray to god. then i make breakfast for me .after breakfast i rest for some min then i sit with my laptop and checks mails regarding jobs. i apply to jobs and i also do net surfing .at 1 pm i prepare my lunch about 2 - 2:30 pm i do lunch after that i took some rest and i again i sit with my laptop i do work on this.in eveing at 5 o'clock i go to teach a 6th class girl.i teach her 1 hour. after that i go to market to buy some household things. i come home talk to parents on phone ...and spends some times with roomates .at 9 pm i prepare my dinner after taking dinner .i walk for 5-10minutes for good digestion .and at about 11 pm i go to my bed and and sleep

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What is your daily routine?..

Answer / vikram saxena

In the morning I wake up around half past seven then I get fresh and take bath later I go downstairs to have breakfast after that I would read news paper for a while then go out with my friends for a few hours after that I go home and have my lunch then I take rest after that surf the net by late evening, later take dinner and would gossip with family members for a while then I would study for 2 hrs finally go to bed.

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