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ADP Interview Questions
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How to Recognize List Boxes in WinRunner 7.5 while Recording...

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What is tech support in non voice process?

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wat is bpo?

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1.what is user exit? 2.What is MSN 20, MSN 30 etc ? 3.What is RHINTE00,10,20 Etc? 4.What is work center and org unit? 5.What is cost centre and controlling area?

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What are the functions of Indian Payroll?

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what is break even point?

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What Do You Understand By The Word Accounting

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1) What is the importance of offcycle payroll? 2) What role does the control record play in pay roll? 3) How do you calculate Retro accounting amounts? 4) What is symbolic account? 5) What is the difference between payroll area, payscale area and personnel area? 6) How do you identify a different wage types? 7) What features do you come across in payrolls employee attributes and CAP PCR. establish the relationship among them? 8) What are the infotypes required for a payroll process? 9) What is the difference between Indian and us payroll?

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one ok button and one text box is there.when i click on ok button in that text box one no. will display from 1 to 100 randomley.if that is not 100 when we click on ok button again ,again another text box ll created with another no. we will continue this till the text box created and displays 100.and when its 100 ok button should disabled. remember thet no will display not seriely ,it displays randomley,and each time new text box will created.

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When you realize that there is something wrong in BDD, what will you do ?

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If your current project is US based project, where will your Business Analyst stay ? India or US ??

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what do you mean by back office job in a bpo?

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what is the technology used in financial applications?


common jcl abends??

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Is it possible to create Userdefined Unchecked Exception also?If Yes, give an example?

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ADP Interview Questions

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