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ADP COBOL Interview Questions
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How can we pass data from cobol to JCl?

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How to resolve the soc4 & soc7 other than following answers. Soc4 can resolved using mispleed dd name and dd name is not matching with file and soc7 check the sysdump and copy the offest address then correct it in the program.

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What is EIBCALEN? Why it is used?

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What is "Call by content" and "call by reference"?

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I have the requirement to compare the two files and pick up the matching records. File 1. file2 23 32 32 13 34 15 35 36 36 35 43 Get the matching records from this 2 files to out file. how you will do this in cobol program?

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1) can we display the index?

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how many divisions are there in cobol

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how many bytes does s9(7)COMP-3 field occupies?

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The below is the declaration for a variable ws 01 ws pic 9(3). if you want to insert space how will you do that. in which level u should do it

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how will u retreive value from a table.write it with syntex. 01 ws-table 05 ws-table1 occurs 10 times. 05 ws-table2 occurs 10 times. the above is 2 dimensional will u retrieve 1st element of an array

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I have a field with data type X(10). I want to perform arithmetic operation on this field? I tried doing it by moving the value into a numeric field. but it didn't work out. I am getting a S0C7 abend. Pls let me know if there is any way of getting this done?

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how to move the records from file to array table. give with code example


How can you add a particular field/coloumn in copybook?

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ADP COBOL Interview Questions

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