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ADP SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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1.what is user exit? 2.What is MSN 20, MSN 30 etc ? 3.What is RHINTE00,10,20 Etc? 4.What is work center and org unit? 5.What is cost centre and controlling area?

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What are the functions of Indian Payroll?

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1) What is the importance of offcycle payroll? 2) What role does the control record play in pay roll? 3) How do you calculate Retro accounting amounts? 4) What is symbolic account? 5) What is the difference between payroll area, payscale area and personnel area? 6) How do you identify a different wage types? 7) What features do you come across in payrolls employee attributes and CAP PCR. establish the relationship among them? 8) What are the infotypes required for a payroll process? 9) What is the difference between Indian and us payroll?

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do we modify the customized Schema (U000), and what might be the reason to modify... usually what are the custom PCR we in US PAYROLL

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Types of Wage Types? What are the characteristics of wages?

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ADP SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions

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