what is the value of 'i'?


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Answer / vignesh1988i

THIS will be replaced as


the output is 1

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Answer / guest


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Answer / jaya prakash

One Only

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Answer / aditya

it is evaluated as
6-4 as 2 then
4+2 as 6 then
6-5 as 1

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Answer / abc

i = strlen("Blue")+ strlen("People")/ strlen("Red")- strlen
it is evaluated as
strlen("People")/ strlen("Red")
6 / 3 as 2 then
strlen("Blue")+ 2
4 + 2 as 6 then
6 - strlen("green")
6 - 5 as 1

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Answer / vimal


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Answer / mahesh

Strlen(BLUE)=4, strlen(people)=6, strlen(red)=3, strlen(green)= 5 so by BODMAS method we can slove this

4 + 6 / 3 - 5 = 4+2-5= 1
1st divison, 2nd addition, 3 rd subraction

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