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Cadence Windows AllOther Interview Questions
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what does find command do ?

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What is BRS Adjustment entry?


what is dynamic insert?


How to read the pixels out of a GdkPixmap?


what is the breaking strength of wall tiles


What do you know about the historical background of Development Financial Institutions (DFIs)?


A complete, local search algorithm always finds goal if one exists, an optimal algorithm always finds a global minimum/maximum. State whether True or False. a) True b) False


* ** *12* *123* *1234* *12345* *123456* ********


duties of bank finance manager


sir i'm having exp as a HR-Recruiter, now i'm willing to work in other areas of HR.Is learning of accounting courses such as (Payroll mgmt,TDS, service tax, vat, provident fund, gratuity fund, Tally ERP.9 )is necessary? if so, kindly guide me what all accounting courses i need to study to work in other areas of HR. or what are the qualifications required to work in other areas of HR? 2)one of my friend would like to know the job profile for Finance admin..


Give an example of CO-PA fields at the operating concern that are not replicated?


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How describe our city(banglore) in a topic round during the interview time?


Is it possible to operate a synchronous 2-poles turbogenerator with a still-in-place faulted bar but electrically disconnected ???? If yes, should I act on the other phases as well ???


will there be any problem by recovering slip from single phase induction motors?


can any one explain in which term we are flow flow is it volumetric r is it mass? and y


Cadence Windows AllOther Interview Questions
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