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BPO Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what is callcentre.

20 27731

Being a MCA graduate why you are looking for a call center job?

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Tell about your collegeday life

29 51409

speak for 2 minutes on some topic

45 774199

i m a fresher searching job from july..i ve faced this question "what did u do for the past two months?"

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how did spent your yesterday?

49 477772

how you spent your testerday?

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why did you want to join the call centre?

44 66050

Speak 5 min of ur City ?

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10 17197

Speak on your unforgettable or memorable day for two minutes?

82 671560

tell me about yourself for 10 mintues? please tellme ans.on my email add

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why do you want to join bpo

134 816656

what topic asked to speak about 3 minutes and give answer of the topic and brief

3 16339

can u explain about child labour

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BPO Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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