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Speak 5 min of ur City ?

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / sumitha

I'd like to say about BANGALORE.
Bangalore was known as the 'Garden city' of india and now
its been known as the "Silicon city" due to the arrival of
several IT companies into bangalore.Its also known as
the 'Metropolitan city'.Since several IT companies have
occupied a place in bangalore the unemployment here is been
reduced in lot numbers because of this several people from
diff states are coming over here in search of job so you
can watch out people in bangalore speaking diff
languages.As the population here is incresed due to this
equilantly the traffic problem as also incresed.The famous
spots in bangalore are Vidhana Soudha (the Parliament
building),Lalbagh,Cubbon park,etc.Temples like ISKCON,Shiva
Statue in HAL,Bhuvaneshwari temple and many more....
Thank you.......

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / suresh

Hyderabad is the 5th largest metropoliton city in india and
is the state capital of AndhraPradesh. Hyderabad is well-
known for its rich history and culture with great
monuments, temples, mosques with varied history in arts and
crafts. Hyderabad is also known as Pearl city and Hi-tech
city. From Pearl city to Hi-tech city, hyderabad has got
lot of tech-savvy.

Hyderabad is strategically located almost equidistant to
all the metros in india. the city is well connected by
rail, road and air to all the metros as well as all the
major cities in india.

According to the survey done by economic times intelligence
group, the cost of living in Hyderabad is cheap compared to
all the metros in india.

some of the best tourist attractions in hyderabad are
salarjung museum, birla mandir, golconda fort, ramoji film
city, charminar, Imax, Hussain sagar, Necklace road,
Qutubshahi toombs, tank bund, lumbni park, shilparamam, and
zoo park.

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / ganapathi shivaram

My Favourite City is Trichy. Trichy is the second capital
of Tamil Nadu. Trichy is the nice place to visit to see
more places. Trichy means first strike on my mind is
Rockfort Temple is made on full of rocks, it is the good
place for time pass with our friends. And then Srirangam
Renganathar temple is also a famous one for temple tower is
asia 1st place. In Industry like BHEL and OFT are the
popular one in trichy. Trichy is also one of the tourism
place, Even foreign people are coming to see all the places
everyday. Samayapuram Mariyamman Temple is also a famous
one. Trichy city is mainly famous for pilgirimage.
Cauvery bridge is the nice place to see the river.

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / ram.d

hai,i am ram from trichy.Trichy is the center city of
tamilnadu. it's the 4th largest city in t.n. it also has
many pilgrimages around. and it also has big companies like
trichy is a good place for education as it has anna
university- trichy, barathidasan university.
It also has (NIT) National Instititue of technology.
cavery river also flows through trichy.
Trichy also has the oldest india (kalannai) built by
karikala chola.
it's also considered as the second capital of t.n.

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / urooj sibtain

hi Sir i am from budaun .Budaun is an ancient city of
India. This is holy land of Sufi's & Saint's. In the
eleventh century it was named "BODA MAYOOTA" in an
ancient write up which is now in Lucknow Musium. It is
situated near holy river GANGA at Lattitude 28 Degree 02
Minute 30 Second East & Longitude 79 Degree 01 Minute 20
Second North on Globe.
Urooj Sibtain
Aegis BPO Services Noida

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / sandeep

hyd is capital of andra pradesh so many historical places
are located here like charminar, golconda fort. hyd is also
called as bangle city and also called as pearl city, so many
it company are also situated here, i would like to say about
my favourite place in hyd is lumbini park ans hussain sagar
lake.This beautiful enetertainment park situated shore of
hussain sagar lake the landscape is a visual treat make it
an excellent gateway.. musically synchronized water foutain
and majour attraction

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / sathish kumar.

Well Hyderabad is glory of historical places and which is
founded by qulibqutubshah ail in 15th century at the banks
of mussi river and Hyderabad is well known as pearl city and
famous for Hyderabad biryani. Now Hyderabad is 5th
metropolis in our country. b'coz of metro pol people
across the country coming to Hyderabad and cost of living in
Hyderabad very affable to public in terms of their
livelihood and business and at last Hyderabad has make the
place in IT infrastructure and fashion technology.

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / santhosh kumar

Ican proudly said i m chennai boy.chennai orginally known as madras pattinam.Toady chennai with over 60 lakhs population, has emerged as one of the four major metropolises and indian and stands tall with impressive studies in education, health care,IT ,history tourism automobile industries and movies.
The city has also emerged as the second largest film production center of the country behind Mumbai, with over 45 studios. Of late, chennai has also emerged as the medical capital of India,with a large number of corpoate hospitals coming up.
The city can also boost of being the second largest It hub in the country, next to Bangalore .Ashok leyland, hyundai and ford have set up manufacturing units in and around chennai. So also have Nissan and germany luxury marque BMW.
Then so many petroluem companies r there in chennai petroluem corporation,indian oil and greatest ever beach marina .

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / sunitha

i would like to say my native place khammam. in the olden
days khammam was ruled by reddy kings. in khammam we can
found khammam fort. It contains so many historical places.
in khammam a famous pilgrimage center is there that is
Bhadhrachalam. in Bhadhrachalam lord rama is situated. so
many cold mines are there in khammam.

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Speak 5 min of ur City ?..

Answer / manish awasthi

I would like to speak on Delhi which is also capital of
India,for first timers who are coming to Delhi they would
like to roam around and shop because my City Delhi will
provide both of for tourist there is Jan
path,CP,Sarojni Nagar Market,Lajpat Nagar,Karol Bagh..there
are several monuments,museums and Government offices like
Rashtrapati Bahwan,Parialment House etc. So for one who is
cooming to delhi first time need 2-4 days to see all these
things and enjoy fully.
Thank You.

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