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BPO Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why should i hire u?

21 72750

What is your salary expectation

37 111832

tell about yourself, please do give with example .

40 109791

What is your greatest strength?

26 57777

Tell me about your dream job.

6 14632

why did you want tojoin the call center?

25 42720

tell me about ur favourite colour

50 502692

tell about urself

38 43742

what due you know about BPO.

11 23954

Hai, I am sudheer. All common Interview questions and answers. send me.


What did you do yesterday.

56 488003

Tell me something about ur self

11 24527

somebody can help me to fin all the trasncripts for the versant tests the ones DELL make in the phone pleasi i need help!!!

22 50088

Tell me about your most memorable moment.

43 235937

tell me about u r self.

53 51349

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BPO Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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