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BPO Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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tell me initial department of the call center.

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1. what do you mean by the customer care? 2. How can you attrective of customer as a customer care executive? 3. What do you mean by the self motivation? 4. Where will you want to see yourself after five years?

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what can you contribute in this company

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Why do want tojoin call center?

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Brief about yourself?

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What is your daily routine?

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What is your reason for joining at this Organization? & Whenever your was asked, why did you reply in wrong?

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hi all, i am searching 4 BPO job as fresher.i have one telephonic interview.i should talk few minutes on any topic.please send me any topic as well as some BPO questions & answers. thanks & regards, ramana.v, +91-9763212908,

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what is the maximum age limit of any bpo sector

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what did you learn from your last job? which type of the qualities a Team Leader need?

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what is for call centre what is voice and non voice and what is the eligiblity for this job

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what is the age limit for voice and non-voice and minimum education quatilification?

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what is inbound and outbound

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How did you spent your last day,sunday,?

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If You join the company then what is the first thing you want to do , which you were not able to do in ur previous company ? why did you want to join the call center? why do you left your previous job? What is your greatest strength? where do you see yourself from (Ten or fifteen)years from now? If u will be the principal of a school what will u can do best for school? Take Over Means? What are your biggest weaknesses?

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BPO Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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