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BPO Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what comes to your mind when you utter the word girl ?

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college days, school days

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Why any company hire you?

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hi! am SURESH, from Hyderabad. i completed my MCA in the year 2008, but due to recession still i didnot get any job in the IT field. So now, i need to work in order to help my fimily financially! so i thought of shifting to the Bpo's. So, in Bpo's if they ask about like this-"why ur selecting this Bpo field instead of IT field" what i need to answer to this question! please help me out!

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why u want to join voice process

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Why do you want bpo

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what are the five things you must carry for your interview?

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give a 5 mins speach on any topic of ur choice

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Complete this sentence in 100 words........... i am going down on the street and suddenly......

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hi i am pavan. i have completed my graduation( computers) from g.pula reddy degree college. i am a fresher and i am from a middle class family from hyderabad. i need to work in bpo's and IT sectors and i am not able to choose any company. i attended an interview @ wipro bpo. i saw many people answreing to the questions in different styles and behaviour. i didnt knew whether they are doing correce or not. can u please tell me how to sit in front of the interviewr and bahave with him and i would like to know steps for applying in new companies and to face challenges in life

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What is the exact meaning of BPO?

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I am interested in bpo non voice HCL BPO there is a written test i.e)aptitude contains basic grammer,20 aptitude ques,basic networking ques.pls help me to clear this test.

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what if the interviewer ask that we are offering 8000 only but if the another company is offering 10000 means to which you would like to go?

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wht is the difference between KPO and BPO ?

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BPO Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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