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BPO Interview Questions
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what can you contribute in this company

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pls send me for apptitude test paper anf finance test from the the company ford

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In a Cricket Match Two Batsmen are on 94 . 7 more runs to win from 3 ball remains. Both of them got unbeaten 100. How it is possible

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How can you add value to our Organization if offered appointment

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The LCM of two positive nos is 168 and their product is 504. what is the difference in their squares? A. 175 B.216 C.9 D.135

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I am interested in bpo non voice HCL BPO there is a written test i.e)aptitude contains basic grammer,20 aptitude ques,basic networking ques.pls help me to clear this test.

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what is the name of our prime minister before the death of indira gandhi???????????

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Imagine that u r driving a car from mysore to bangalore at a speed of no is KA-19 DB1955. distance between bangalore and mysore is 250 Km..... Now tell me wat s the date of birth of the driver............

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BPO Interview Questions

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