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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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wat is the importance of reactive power in power generation.....if it is zero means wat will happen to system........

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Why current flows in nutral? As per theory there should be no current in 3 ph explain.

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what is droop?

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in most industies hormonics present up to some level. what is limit ? and there effect?

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what are the differences between MCB and MCCB ?

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which fault current is maximum: 3 phase short circuit, LG, LL or LLG?? why?? in one of the problems that i have solved, 3 phase short circuit current on an unloaded generator came out to be less than the LG fault current. can anybody please explain why.

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i need bhel question papers.

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what is the term of desruptive voltage

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i want bhel placement paper for electrical if anybody having pl send to my id immediately


What is the difference between Neutral and Earth

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plz send me the syllabus or any sample paper for engineer trainee recruitment if any,on



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ward lconard control

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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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