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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how a vibration switch's high signal will going to trip the motor? can u explain with some examplesand wiring diagrams?

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any one please tell taht what type questions will be asked in BHEL interview, i am having interview on 24th Dec, please send this to mail


it is clear that volts equal to the current as per ohms law. is it appliable to the AC power or only for DC. if it is appliacable to AC in transformers when voltage increases the voltage decreases ????? why??????????????

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what are different types of alternator and discuss about the methods of cooling

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Hi, I'm going to attend BHEL interview for exexutive trainee (ET ) on 22nd DEC . Till now if anyone attended the interview pls help me out regarding the interview. I'm an electrical engineer

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Explain the working principle of servomotor

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what do you mean by 1 ton in AC`s

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how can you prove that in CE configuration a transistor has 180 degree phase shifted output

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In Aeroplane what circuitry or method use for earthing?

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what is inrush current in transformer?

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what is derating factor in Cable ? how we minimise this?

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how to calculate sizing of NGTR (Transformer rating,Loading resistor value and Current rating of resistor) and what is the X/R ratio. Details : 11kV,Capacitance 1.73532 micro farads,40kA for 1sec.

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why do we generate only 3ph ac?is it possible to generate 4ph,5ph,....?

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what is the use of choke on tube light fitting

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what is diffrence between neutral and earth wire

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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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