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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is ELCB?

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in a plug point why the hole size at the top is large?

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What is the full form of GSL wire

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Can we use 11kv Trivector Metre or Energy metre instead 33kv Metre at 33kv Over Head Line metering purpose?

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Whether the LIGHTNING is AC or DC?

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What is a soft start?

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Based on what the rating of machines are provided??(ANswer should in single word)

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explain the function of brush less dc motor?


what is inverter

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What is Traction? 1KVA Alternator, How much urrent taken?


two TG running in parallel at equal TG CB tripped in reverse power relay.after tripping found its excitation was on & turbine running at rated speed.Please clearify why that TG tripped in reverse power ?

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is any body explain me why return current in three phase power system is less then in a red, yellow, blue phases??? as we know Ir+Iy+Ib=In then why nutral wire has less then phase current????

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if we run a 3 phase machine on two phase what will happend??? given answer with solid reason please


trasformer ratting

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is there any chance to get shock from the transformer oil at the time of maintenance due to its dielectric property. . ?

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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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