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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the resistance of human body from head to toe?

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how to select power and control contactor .

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why in scott connection of transformers, main transformer is tapped at 50% and teaser transformer at 86.6%?

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What is the main difference between power transformer and Distribution transformer?

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Why transformer rating in KVA? and Generator also?

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How to calculate the slip ring induction motor rotor current and voltage.

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How can we decide the fualt levels of sub-stations?

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What is reason of rating of transmission line multi pal of 11 like as 11/33/66/220 ? Why not use 75 kv 23 kv line in power system ?

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hwat type of motor is used in thermal gas turbine hydro nuclear power plants and why


Why machine give shock

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if transformer core is made of copper instead of steel which losses will increase..please explain

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what is diff b/w electrical & electronics ?

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What type of core material is used for metering C.T and protection C.T???


hello friends.. I have a doubt regarding the operation of dc machines.. I studied in a text book that a dc machine can be used as a generator and as a motor.. is this possible? If so,please send me the info about this topic.. you can also send your info to my mail.


Transformer rating=> 15/20 MVA.Why there are two raings? What should be the rating of the fuse at the secondary if the voltage level is 13.8KV/4.16KV?

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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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