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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What are the relays in ACB and VCB


why neutral is required in electrical system

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if a.c supply is given to the motor,, what happen?


how i chosse capacitor bank if my energy meter is 48 kvr? tell me capacitor bank chossen formula?


how i chosse capacitor bank if my energy meter is 48 kvr? tell me capacitor bank chossen formula?

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why rms value of voltage is fed to transformer

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what is the difference between multimeter and megger?

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We have two 1 phase heating coils having same resistance of 25ohm, but during operation one takes 3A and other 6A Is it posiible Pls. explain

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why should the primary of transformer be connected in delta in a heat run test?


what are the materials used in HRC fuse

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For the same power rating,which motor is bigger in size,AC or DC?

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What is the equivalent circuit of a transformer and its vector diagram?


what is is the potential diffrence between two phase ?

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What is the advantage and disadvantage of dry type transformer?

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what is the diference between base speed and rated speed in motor

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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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