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BEL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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what are the types used for alternator earthing,what will happen if more than two alternator is working in parallel with each having own system there any possibility for circulating current in between two system.

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On what basis no of earth pits are to be decided either for transformers or for equipment?

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I want formula to calculate cable size as per load given in kw & amp.I searched many sites but didn't right answer.Plz reply me asap.

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why neutral used in three phase motor connection?

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Is it possible to power factor more than unity?

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What is Procedure the procedure to select CT's & PT's in 66kV and above substation?

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Distinguish between shunt and series field coil constructions.

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Formula to calculate amps rating when we are having only the width & thickness of the coppper ?

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Where we use 30mA , 100mA & 300mA RCCB ?

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