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BEL Interview Questions
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What's the Difference Between Routers, Switches and Hubs?

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what is a GPIB?

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If ?A? earns 25% more than ?B? then ?B? earns how much less than A? (a) 30% (b) 25% (c) 20% (d) None of these

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hi i m an EC engg i had cleared written test for PE for BEL plz help be for interview provide me full information about intrvw as much as u can.. thankx..

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On what basis no of earth pits are to be decided either for transformers or for equipment?

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BEL old probationary engineering questions and answers


what is the difference between linear and non linear elements.

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what is the frequency band used for military applications?

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If 5v Dc is given to a transformer, what will be the O/P?

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What is the maximum range of a general Radar

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why neutral used in three phase motor connection?

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Is it possible to power factor more than unity?

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Want BEL Placement papers

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what is the electrical load for 1TR Ac?

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How can i display output voltage of my Power supply(DC) on the seven segment display ?? which IC is used?


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