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BEL Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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can i get interview pattern of bharath electronics limited ,

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Hello friends, can any one give path to get BEL mechanical sample papers .

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which cooling process used in steam turbine

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The higest value of thermal conductivity is expected for a.) Solid ice b.) Melting ice c.) Water d.) Boiling water Give the thermal conductivity value for each.

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pulley forms which pair?

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For avoiding cavity what should be NPSH?

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what is ALLEN screw?

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Upper piston ring is compression ring?

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Flywheel size for diesel engine in compare with the petrol engine.

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what is supercharging?

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part of lathe which houses speed changing gears?

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variation of latent heat of vapourization with pressure.

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For maximum capacity of compressor inlet temperature of air should be high, low, very high.

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Choose dehumudification method.

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what is the electrical load for 1TR Ac?

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