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BEL Advertising Media AllOther Interview Questions
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did bel announced P E requirement for b tech every year ?


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what is interface in java ?can you explain with simple example?and what is the difference between abstract and interface?


In an htm form i have a button which makes us to open another page in will you do that?


How can you check whether a record is valid record or Invalid record using ADO control or Object?


Can you please mail me the latest syllabus of UTTAR PRADESH DRUG INSPECTOR entrance exam and UTTAR PRADESH FOOD INSPECTOR entrance exam with the eligibility criteria for Uttar Pradesh domicile candidates.


Which one of the following activities is the most efficient and most cost effective at identifying defects? 1. Prototyping 2. Unit test 3. Beta test 4. Design/code inspection 5. Risk analysis


hi i got i 20 from sacred heart university u.s.a.i got good tofel score and my gre is score is very university requirement is only tofel.i completed my in 2009 so i got 1 year gap is their chances to reject visa?what i have to do i was very to sought out my problem


How do moss and lichen affect the ecosystem?


Where is the expansion tank located?


About Hierarchy level in your company.


Contrast the streak plate isolation and pour-plate isolation methods for making population measurements?


How to select the cable and voltage drop in circuit?


Form S and "c" license application both are same? @ tneb portal


for pretensioning which will yield first and same for post tensioning?


what values & beliefs have guided you in your career path


how will calculate the safe starting current of 3-phase squirrel cage induction motor?


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