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Banking Interview Questions
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Champion?s trophy is associated with which game ? (a) Cricket (b) Hockey (c) Football (d) Tennis

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In the absence of both the President and the Vice=President, who shall act as the President of India? (a) Prime Minister (b) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (c) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (d) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

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To whom can a case of dispute in the election of the President of India be referred to ? (a) Election Commission (b) Parliament (c) Supreme Court of India (d) Cabinet

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A moving train, 66 metres long, overtakes another train 88 metres long, moving in the same direction in 0.168 minutes. If the second train is moving at 30 km/r, then at what speed is the first train moving ? (a) 85 km/hr (b) 50 km/hr (c) 55 km/hr (d) 25 km/hr

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A and B together can do a piece of work in 12 days, B and C together in 15 days and C and A together in 20 days. In how many days, can A, B and C together do it ? (a) 5 days (b) 10 days (c) 24 days (d) 30 days

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hi i m siiting for IT officer Exam But not geting any sample/model test paer for this exam .can anyone Help mi email id is

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is it possible to use flexgrid in vb dotnet?

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explain the provisions relating to INTER CORPORATE LOANS AND INVESTMENTS:

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hi,, i have been selected for idbi assitant manager written..cld anybody help me out..that on which part shld i do i concentrate,,


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Banking Interview Questions

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