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Banking Accounting General Interview Questions
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EOQ formula ? and tell me about that???

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what is a state cheque? how it differes from stale cheque?


what is differnce between balance sheet of a bank & a company


What is the difference between Loan and Advance?

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we received from chq from particular to make entry in tally9.0? And Particular firm under which group.(Sundry debtor or sundry creditor?

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which subsidiary book is source of these:debit note,credit slip,


What is the SAP Account?


What is the BPO/KPO/ITES Organisations?

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Please tell me that whose are liable to pay the TDS?

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I cleared IBPS exam Basically I belongs to A.P. but I applied for karnataka will they accept me?

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What is use of subject history in banking?


what is the difference between NEFT and RTGS ?

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sir, i m working in an ngo as accountant but new. pleas clear my doubt in tally. suppose 'a' salary is 5000. he taken 3000 advance from salary and not returned. i paid a cheque next month rest 2000. 'b' salary is 10000, taken 5000 advance from salary and returned so i paid him 10000 total salary. what all to do in tally. is the following procedure is ok or not?

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Under which category in the balace sheet will closing stock appear

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Banking Accounting General Interview Questions

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