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Banking POs Interview Questions
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Being a Chemistry graduate, What is the use of Chemistry in Banking ?

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Suggest book for BANK PO EXAM?WHA is the salary of PO?

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I want to prepare Bank Po Exam.How I can crack English paper.If any one can find study meterial Plz, send me.Email Id:

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Hi All, I am Abhishek Sinha, I got selected in written exam of Bank of Baroda's IT officer JMGS - I written exam 2009, my Interview is on 17th of Jan 2010, please any one can help me in what kind of question will be asked in Interview, My mail id is

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hi,, i have been selected for idbi assitant manager written..cld anybody help me out..that on which part shld i do i concentrate,,


hi... m selected for SBI Associate bank PO interview and i have done computer engg.. Can anybody tell me hw should i prepare for interview and wat kind of questions they can ask as i hv done Btech in computer engg.....n i want to prepare for interview in Hindi language... is it a right step or will it have any bad impression on interviwee? pls help me? n post answers at my id.....

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what is the difference between commercial banks& regional rural banks?

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Why do want to join Bank?

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How your subject will help in Banking?

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what is the differences between the profit and gain?

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Hi,I have been selected for interview for probationary officer for Vijaya bank. Please send questions that may be asked in interview at Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


can any bank PO aspirant tell me what should be the ideal answer to these questions asked usually in interview. 1.why banking commerce can help in banking 3.As I am a commerce graduate i want to know what to prepare in subject or what are questions generally related to account subject asked in bank po interview.please help me friends .reply as soon as possible. if U could suggest me i on any above questions i would be really grateful to U


plz giv rplyy to these ques. ,,related to bank interview 1)being an engineer ,iwhile qualified bank written exam,,what will u do,if you will get opportunity in engineering??? 2)how long wud u stay wid us or how long u will bring a meaningfull contribution to our firm?????? 3)define the role of junior management officer in private bank?


i have passed ibps po exam & get the score card ?what will be the further process ? is there any GD ?or direct interview?

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Banking POs Interview Questions

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