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Banking Taxation Interview Questions
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why issue c form? what is procedure of issuing 'c' form?

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types of tax

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what is SLR

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how to file returne?


what is VAT?

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what is GDP

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While depositing cash at any bank above then Rs 50K, we need to provide PAN Card or we have to fill form 60, but tell me why a person needs to sign FORM 60 if he is paying installments of >50K of Loan availed by him/her earlier? As if he is repaying Loan, not depositing in his A/c?


'A' is running a manufacturing set up. 'B' sends raw material (after paying CST) to 'A' for manufacutre of his specified product and 'A' keeps 'B's stock in his godown. Can 'A' buy this material from 'B' by raising a CREDIT MEMO and in the books regularises by passing Journal Entry Dr.Raw material inventory and Cr. 'B's Account.


Haii My daily wage is 500. And the minimum working days will be 23 in a month. How can i calculate my pf and esi

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Banking Taxation Interview Questions

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