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Banking General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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General Knowledge & Current Affairs ? April 2005

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Which is the best known bird sanctuary in Haryana ? (a) Sultanpur (b) Bharatpur (c) Rajaji (d) Sariska

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The least perfect square number which is divisible by 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 is (a) 900 (b) 1600 (c) 2500 (d) 3600

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Who is called the ?Father of Geometry?? (a) Bertrand Russel (b) Aristotle (c) Euclid (d) Archimedes

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Dhanraj Pillai is a sportsperson associated with (A) Football (B) Badminton (C) Hockey (D) Cricket

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The State in India with the largest coastline is: (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Kerala (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Maharashtra

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The purest form of water is (A) Rain water (B) Heavy water (C) Tap water (D) Distilled water

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The largest source of revenue in India is (1) Sales tax (2) Excise duty (3) Income tax (4) Corporate tax

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The most highly urbanized State in India is (1) West Bengal (2) Maharashtra (3) U.P. (4) Tamil Nadu

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Which is the top country in cotton production? 1 USA 2 India 3 Pakistan 4 China

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Which car company brand has the tagline ? ?For a special journey called life?? 1 Suzuki 2 Ford 3 Fiat 4 Chervolet

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Which of the following is not a Central Government Tax? 1 Income tax 2 Customs 3 Land tax 4 Corporation tax

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Which one of the following is not a direct tax? 1 Estate duty 2 Gift Tax 3 Awealth tax 4 Customs

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All current affairs ang G.K.questions.

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please send me the current affairs and general knowledge questions and answers of last 6 months.

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Banking General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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