General Knowledge & Current Affairs ? April 2005

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General Knowledge & Current Affairs ? April 2005..

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1. Who is the first Indian to join the Formula One League ?
(a) Karun Chandhok
(b) Narain Karthikeyan
(c) Kasam khan
(d) N. Anbu
Ans: ( b ) Narain Karthikeyan

2. Who among the following is the author of the book ?Open
Secrets ? Indian Intelligence Unveiled? ?
(a) M. K. Dhar
(b) A. K. Doval
(c) M. K. Narayanan
(d) C. D. Sahay
Ans: ( a ) M. K. Dhar

3. Which of the following Indians has been recently
appointed as Military Adviser in the UN?s Department of
Peacekeeping Operations ?
(a) Major General R. S. Kadian
(b) Lt. General K. S. Kadam
(c) Lt. General B. S. Minocha
(d) Major General R. K. Mehta
Ans: ( d ) Major General R. K. Mehta

4. From which of the following Indian wildlife sanctuaries,
tigers have vanished ?
(a) Corbett National park
(b) Gir National Park
(c) Manas Tiger Sanctuary
(d) Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
Ans: ( d ) Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

5. The major component of honey is
(a) Glucose
(b) Sucrose
(c) Maltose
(d) Fructose
Ans: ( b ) Sucrose

6. Who among the following has been included in the list of
?25 Stars of Asia? brought out by Business Week recently ?
(a) Ms. Sonia Gandhi
(b) Amitabh Bachchan
(c) Ms. Medha Patekar
(d) Somnath Chatterjee
Ans: ( a ) Ms. Sonia Gandhi

7. The World Day Water falls on
(a) March 22
(b) October 21
(c) January 14
(d) September 17
Ans: ( a ) March 22

8. Which city among the following has emerged as the biggest
IT job provider, according to a recent Times of India Survey ?
(a) Hyderabad
(b) Mumbai
(c) Chandigarh
(d) Bangalore
Ans: ( d ) Bangalore

9. Arthur Miller who passed away recently was a famous US
(a) Nuclear scientist
(b) Computer expert
(c) Media personality
(d) Playwright
Ans: ( d ) Playwright

10. The abbreviation NMCC stands for
(a) National Minerals Capital Corporation
(b) National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council
(c) Natural medicine Counselling Council
(d) National Manufacturing Control Council
Ans: ( b ) National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council

11. ?The Commercial Bank of India LIC?, the first wholly
India-owned commercial bank in Russia, is a joint venture
(a) Canara Bank & Indian Bank
(b) State Bank of India & PNB
(c) Canara Bank & SBI
(d) Union Bank of India & Syndicate Bank
Ans: ( c ) Canara Bank & SBI

12. Who among the following recently became the second
Indian cinestar to have his/her statue unveiled at Madame
Tussaud?s Wax Museam in London ?
(a) Amitabh Bachchan
(b) Aishwarya Rai
(c) Urmilla Matondkar
(d) Rani Mukerji
Ans: ( b ) Aishwarya Rai

13. Arteries supplying blood to the heart are called
(a) Hepatic arteries
(b) Pulmonary arteries
(c) Coronary arteries
(d) Carotid arteries
Ans: ( c ) Coronary arteries

14. Which of the following Indian States has the maximum
number of universities ?
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Gujarat
(c) Maharashra
(d) Uttar Pradesh
Ans: ( c ) Maharashra

15. India?s External Debt at the end ? March 2004 was
(a) $ 105.35 billion
(b) $ 100.34 billion
(c) $ 116.72 billion
(d) $ 98.63 billion
Ans: ( a ) $ 105.35 billion

16. During 2003-04, the highest export-earner for India was
(a) Gems & Jewellery
(b) Textile Fabrics
(c) Tea
(d) Iron Ore
Ans: ( a ) Gems & Jewellery

17. Which of the following was the least populated State of
India as per 2001 census
(a) Sikkim
(b) Mizoram
(c) Goa
(d) Arunachal Pradesh
Ans: ( a ) Sikkim

18. Which among the following countries had the highest life
expectancy in 2003 ?
(a) Sweden
(b) Canada
(c) Japan
(d) Australia
Ans: ( c ) Japan

19. 49th Parallel is the boundary between
(a) North Korea & South Korea
(b) USA & Canada
(c) North & South Vietnam
(d) Thailand & Myanmar
Ans: ( b ) USA & Canada

20. The Third Battle of Panipat was fought between
(a) Peshwa baji Rao II & Ahmed Shah Abdali
(b) Babar & Ibrahim Lodhi
(c) Akbar & Hemu
(d) Aurangzeb & Timur
Ans: ( a ) Peshwa baji Rao II & Ahmed Shah Abdali

21. India?s first fullfledged educational satellite was
launched in
(a) 2004
(b) 2003
(c) 2001
(d) 2000
Ans: ( a ) 2004

22. Which of the following Indian Billiards Players defeated
former World Champion, Mr. Praput Chaithansukul to win his
maiden Asian Billiards Championship in February 2005 ?
(a) Pankaj Advani
(b) Alok Kumar
(c) Ashok Shandilya
(d) Devender Joshi
Ans: ( a ) Pankaj Advani

23. Who was the Chief Guest at India?s 56th Republic Day
celebrations ?
(a) King Gyanendra
(b) H. H. Jigme Singye Wangchuk
(c) Mohd. Khatami
(d) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Ans: ( b ) H. H. Jigme Singye Wangchuk

24. Which of he following can be cited as the most valid
reason for disguised unemployment in rural areas
(a) Illiteracy
(b) Too much pressure of population on land
(c) Lack of industrialization
(d) Poverty
Ans: ( b ) Too much pressure of population on land

25. Ecosystem, in precise terms, can be defined as
(a) The habitat of living organisms categorically
classified as producers and consumers
(b) A community of organisms, both living and non-living,
interacting as part of a system based on a natural division
of labour
(c) The part of earth and its atmosphere which inhabits
living organisms
(d) A community together with the environment in which they
Ans: ( d ) A community together with the environment in
which they live

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General Knowledge & Current Affairs ? April 2005..

Answer / rajesh nagrale

(1) b

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