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TATA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what parameters are should nessary for control technic dc drive(in rolling mills)?


What is the Minimum winding resistance of motors ( small & big)? referance range


How Flywheel run in DG set, tell in details

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If Dg set load increase 25%, How much increase fuel Consumption (15 kva 2 cylinder DG set)


what is the MNA in case of d.c. machin? whaty is the importance of it? hoe it affect the brush position?

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What is the magnetic field (coil DC ) of Turbo Expander?


how to calculate the current capacity of a wire if its dimension in Square mm is given

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Diffrectiate between earthing and neutral

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While testing LA mast,What are the parameter limits ?


What is UJT PNP, NPN transistor & working principles?

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What is difference between 3 point and 4 point starter

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1. alternator has full load regulation of 4% when pf of the load is 0.8 lag, 1500 rpm. full load regulation of 1400 rpm for 0.8lag will be ________ ?? 2. torque angle of a sync m/c operating from a constt voltage bus is usually defined as space angle between _______ . 3. method most effective in finding out no load losses in large DC shunt motoris ______ . 4. current carrying capacity of fuse material depends on ______ . 5. coil has res. 10 ohm, inductance 1H. what wil be current after 0.1sec after switching on to a 500V DC SUPPL ? ? 6. effect of phase lag compensation on servo systems ___________ . 7. rotor of a dc machine is usually supported upon ______ . 8. DC motor is preferred to AC motor in which application ?? 9. 3 nos of 10:1 Xmer are connected in Star-Delta to supply a load at 230V.the supply voltage must be ______ . 10. voltage source produces max current in which circuit. 11. cal. power, if current and voltage are out of phase by 90 degree. 12. suitable length of Xmission line of power at 66 KV. 13. Which of the theorm helps in simple computation when the load across a ckt is varying ?? 14. what is the adopted line length for power Xmission of power by cables ??

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what is eee?

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why fractional pitch winding generally used in alternators?



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TATA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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